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9themaster (02.07.2020)
Good sub, we had to wait about a month and half because she\'s busy or recobering it seems, really expensive but it will worth your money, i just dont like she seems to be really high (probably to endure hard trainining) it\'s hard to find a sub with no limits (extreme grou whipping) probably permanent marks ;) sorry miss.
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summerson (12.12.2019)
Best group sub in florida, just give her some White sugar (cc) and she let u do anything to her with toys. She smokes a lot though.
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marlonrenner (10.27.2019)
she tooK 2 cfeampies (anal and vaginal) and swallow a couple of loads, she cried a little at the whipping time, she wasnt ready for the neddles but she allowed us to do some toys after payin extra fee, it was a hard train for her, poor girl wont be able to sit for a couple of weeks, we want to book her in the future
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mister9inch (10.25.2019)
Good sub, a whine here and there, but overall the twat can take it very Good, next time just be preapred if ur customers want to go anal dp without lubrication, sorry lady, its the life you picked, it was fun,just better comunication cuz we didnt stop cuz u said it was ok beforehand, i recommend her, shes priceye though
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