About me

26 ♡ Fetish Model ♡ Independet Pro Sub Escort ♡ Switching Lifestyle ♡ Escort in Miami ♡ Pro-Sub Babe at Kinkden/ZFX♡ Bookings danielaharpaz.sav@gmail.com

You might want to make me your slave girl, whose desire is to hang on your every word and fulfil your every whim. Tie me up and punish me, tease me, play with me. Or perhaps I need to be shown a real lesson. Degrade me, expose me for the dirty little nympho you know I am, begging, gagging and pleading with you for a taste, a chance to please you. But the possibilities are only limited by the imagination, and mine is extensive! 
 Let us bring these fantasies to life. When you choose to spend your time with me, you can be sure that the experience will be exactly as you want it. I seek to discover what gets you hot under the collar, what makes your legs tremble. This is when I am most turned on. This is my pleasure, discovering what makes you full with desire just before you over flow.It is said that the only thing more precious than your time is where you choose to spend it.
 3 years of Submissive experience in dungeons, Anal expert for groups (not above 6)
So make the wise choice, Master I am available by prior appointment. If you would like to meet me, please call to book at least 24-48 hours in advance.


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